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His God and His Promises – Mt 1:1,6,17, 2 Sam 7:1-16

A Sermon Outline
Passage: Mt 1:1,6,17, 2 Sam 7:1-16
Title: Our plans and His promises
1. Our Plan [v1-3]
2. God’s Plan [v4-16]

Sermon Worksheet from Matthew 1:1,6,17 & 2 Samuel 7 1-16
The two predominant individuals the gospel writers want to keep reminding us of in the New Testament are?

This period of history the passage covers is considered to be the what of Israel’s Old Testament History?

David’s plan had been inspired just after he built for himself a? & How does the prophet Nathan like the plan?

The Ark of the Covenant (the tabernacle of God’s presence) was found in what, at this time in history?

Was there anything overtly wrong or sinful about David’s plan?

God gives two reasons for why He doesn’t use David’s plan… the first was/implies what?

What is the second reason God doesn’t want to use David’s plan (so people do not get confused about what)?

When God said He would establish David’s house forever there are two ways it could be read, as a bloodline promise or as a singular son promise. How did most of Israel understand it during David and Solomon’s days?

If you didn’t understand it in the above way, Israel would often consider you a what? (example Jeremiah)

What verse in today’s passage proves, that the majority of Israel got the understanding wrong?

For a King to be flogged and to be punished by the rod of men, it would seem at first He had lost all what?

David and Abraham, along with their sons are both connected to which Mountain?

The mountain in Abraham’s day was located in Salem meaning Peace, David renames the region to what?

Jeru means what?

How is Abraham’s son Isaac tied to the Mount? & How was David’s son Solomon tied to the Mount?

Which Mount does the truest Son of Abraham and David make a satisfactory temple offering on?