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What child is this? Seeking a word fulfilled. (Matthew 1:18 & Luke 2:28-40)

A Sermon Outline

Title:What child is this? Seeking a word fulfilled.

Passage:Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-40 

  1. A fearful beginning
  2. A reason to hope
  3. Seeking assurance

Sermon supplemental worksheet for Matthew 1:18 & Luke 2:28-40

What length of time does Matthew skip over in his jump from 1:18 to verse 19?

3 of the 4 gospels show evidence that the writers knew about other what, as they wrote?

What do both Matthew and Luke make clear that no one was ready for at the start of their gospels?

Pastor pointed out that this text in many ways shows a great reversal of what previous encounter with a woman and an ‘angel’?

Does Luke suggest Mary’s first emotions were courage and bravery when encountering the angel, or a degree of skeptism and fear?

Are all kinds of fear the same?

God has given not just Mary, but all of us many great ________. 

In Romans 8:19-20, why has God made the things often frustrating in this world? So we have?

If God had not created Grace immediately after Adam sinned, Adam would have what?

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we’ll avoid life’s storms, but we see what on the horizon?

Mary travels how great a distance in order to find greater assurance in what God has said?

Where can we go to find deeper assurance in the things of God?

When the song greensleeves was redeemed, instead of adultery, what did it now talk about?