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Pastor’s Page

Pastor Kevin Park is a licensed Minister of the Gospel through the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Christian Churches. He was born and raised in San Diego, California.  Pastor Park completed his undergradute studies at Gonzaga University receiving two Bachelor’s degrees – one in History and the other in Political Science. His pastoral education is from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Kevin began gospel ministry with a Las Vegas homeless outreach program, where he preached for several years. Prior to coming to Old Goshenhoppen, he was serving at Spring Meadows Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Las Vegas as an intern pastor.  Kevin is a certified Prepare and Enrich counselor for both pre-marital and marital counseling, as well as a drug addiction counselor through the Genesis Process.

Kevin and his wife Stephanie have been married since 2006.  They have four children: Katelyn, Audrey, Monica and Bridget and two black labs: Tulip and Chapel. Together, they love community events, bar-b-que, camping, sports, and exploring the history of the East Coast.

Pastor Kevin Park is honored to have been called to serve at Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church.  If you would like to get to know more about him or the church, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Also if you’re someone who uses Facebook you can find our pastor’s profile by clicking here and you’re welcome to make a friend request.

Here is a list of some theologians Pastor Kevin has been especially blessed by over the years

This list is roughly set in historical order and includes a brief theological strength of the theologian

Irenaeus (Christ has not come or taught anything in secret, but is a manifest hope we grab ahold of)

Justin Martyr (Defending Christ using scripture in both the Old and New Testaments)

Athanasius (Defending the vital dogma of the Trinity)

Jerome (Affirming the proper canon of the Old and New Testaments)

Augustine (That we are saved by Grace alone)

St. Patrick (How both men and women can compliment one another to accomplish the mission of God)

John Chrysostom (Endeavor to preach Christ boldly even in the face of the people’s apathy)

Anselm (Our salvation required God as the savior through incarnation, there was no other option)

Bernard of Clairvaux (Our God passionately loves us, in an intimacy that is second to none)

Huss (If forced, choose to stand with the Word of God, rather than man made traditions)

William Tyndale (Everyone from the least to the greatest can grow from studying the word)

Martin Luther (Be faithful to rest in God’s faithfulness to us)

Martin Bucer (A good pastoral heart, is one that is tender and not quarrelsome)

John Calvin (Understanding the sacraments, and that the Holy Spirit in sanctification is never failing)

John Knox (Be bold before government powers set against the Christian faith)

Thomas Boston (The offer of the gospel is to all, because Christ’s grace is sufficient to save any)

John Bunyan (How to redirect suffering into a way to bless all fellow pilgrims)

George Whitfield (Try to reach a great multitude with the message of the Gospel)

Jonathan Edwards (Share God well, so that God might reign ever increasingly in others)

Richard Baxter (The high calling and expectations set upon those in ministry)

John Newton (We are great sinners, with an even greater savior)

Charles Spurgeon (We should venture to share Christ with beauty, passion, and craft).

Herman Bavinck (Scripturally articulating theological precision in both doctrine and dogma)

Geerhardus Vos (Appreciating the nature of God’s covenants with man).

Jeremiah Burroughs (The great riches we can find in even a single verse of scripture)

William Carrey (Be missionally bold to share the gospel, because our God is sovereign over all)

Abraham Kuyper (God’s authority cannot be pigeonholed in this world, but is ever growing)

Cornelius Van Til (We all have bias, but scripture is where we find God’s bias, so conform to it)

Corrie Ten Bloom – (Remaining devoted to God and seeing the hand of God in the midst of mankinds utter wickedness)

C.S. Lewis (How unreasonable of a faith, atheism is, and how Christ can only be God, evil, or crazy)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Discipleship isn’t meant to be easy, simple, and without sacrifice)

Elizabeth Elliot (The sacred beauty of mercy and forgiveness in spreading the gospel)

Francis Schaffer (Exploring how culture is without Christ, and how culture thrives with Christ)

Jack Miller (Cheer up, you’re a whole lot worse than you want to believe, but you’re a child of the King)

Rosemary Miller (How easy it is to grow up in the church, without knowing the gospel)

Meredith Kline (How to apprehend the big picture themes and ideas of the Old Testament)

Edmund Clowney (How to preach Christ when in the Old Testament)

Richard Bauckham (How often seemingly trivial biblical details help confirm the historicity of Christ)

Herman Ridderbos (The centrality of union with Christ in all things)

Brennan Manning (God’s grace is a message that can be well proclaimed in weakness)

R.C. Sproul (The Holiness of God, and fundamental importance of this to all reformed theology)

Nancy Guthrie (How suffering, when done well, magnifies Christ)

Michael Horton (Diagnosing what often causes Protestant churches to go off track into heresy)

Voddie Baucham (How the gospel shapes our family life, and how a family is to worship)

David VanDrunen (Biblical expectations for life in the public and political square as Christians)

G.K. Beale (How there are certain themes intentionally found time and time again in scripture)

Tim Keller (Confronting the culture we live in, with the goodness of Christ)

James White (To be zealous in defending the essentials of the faith)

Rosaria Butterfield (What healthy Christian communities look like & how to stand firm in love)

Paul Washer (To boldly share the gospel, everywhere and to everyone, when given an audience)

Mark Futato (The importance of appreciating biblical imagery when interpreting scripture)

Sinclair Ferguson (In all that we do, don’t get so clever that you lose the simple gospel)

Jonathan Pennington (How to read the gospels well, and how to appreciate their theological depth)

Sharon Hersh (How the power of the gospel can free us from addictions, life’s laments, and pain)

Jim Coffield (How every image bearer has a story, and lasting hope is found when we connect our story to the larger story of Christ)