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Doubts & The Sovereign Answer, Matthew 1:1-2,17 Genesis 15:1-18

A Sermon Outline And Room For Notes
Passage: Matthew 1:1-2,17 Genesis 15:1-18
Title: Doubts & The Sovereign Answer

1 – The setting in of darkened doubts [v1-8]
2 – And from darkened doubts, light [v9-17]

Sermon Aid – November 25th Matthew 1:1-2,17 and Genesis 15:1-18
In the first Christmas song the world ever heard (from the lips of Mary), besides God, who else had their name in the song?

When God changed Abram’s name (which meant high father) to Abraham, what did the new name mean?

Pastor pointed out that Genesis 14, seemed to be a high point of Abraham’s life, but what does Genesis 15 actually show us?

What’s something that Abraham did, that is fairly normal in our day, but actually came at great risk and cost in his own life?

In Genesis 15v1, does God come in a vision because He first was asked to come?

What does God have Abraham try and count in order to try and calm Abraham’s doubts?

After Abraham expresses his first doubt of having any descendants, then he has doubts about a second thing. If there would be enough ___________ for that many descendants?

What’s are the kinds of things God asks Abraham to bring Him, that seems odd to us, but would have been very normal in Abraham’s day? (So much so that Abraham already knows what to do with them without God telling him)

Who would never take the riskier end of the deal in Abraham’s day when it came to a contract?

What group of people is God being compassionate to, and patient with for a period of 400 years before Abraham’s decedents get the land they were promised, (this time before the exodus).

What’s a theophany?

What would have been a question Abraham likely asked himself after Genesis 15, that we now know how?

Pastor mentioned how other covenants in biblical history will get tied into this covenant promise of Genesis 15. He mentioned as examples the honoring of the Law, that (WHO) will eventually receive at Sinai? And the Kingly covenant promise that (WHO) receives when he rules over Israel?