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What blessings look like. (Matthew 5:1-5)

Sermon Guide Matthew 5:1-5

  • Who were some of the people mentioned of recent history influenced by the Sermon of the Mount?
  • Pastor does consider the beatitudes law or wisdom?
  • Does Pastor consider them harder to keep, or easier to keep than the 10 commandments?
  • Who was an example of the blessed citizen according to the American/worldly standards?
  • What qualities are found in a blessed citizen by the Kingdom of Heaven’s standards?
  • Pastor calls the Beatitudes the perfect what for the ideal Christian? (The word starts with an R)
  • What’s the important 3-word phrase in the first beatitude, John and Jesus already have said before?
  • What two parables does Pastor mention to help explain the poor in spirit and what it means?
  • So, the first ingredient of a blessed person is someone who sees themselves as what before God?
  • What are some of the ways poor beggars mourn differently than the world?
  • Who is the Old Testament illustration Pastor uses for someone who learns to be meek?
  • What’s the scripture passage where we find out this individual had become the world’s most meek?
  • When we’re struggling to be meek/humble with someone what’s a helpful thing to remember? 
  • Of the Beatitudes today, what’s the one Jesus attributes to Himself in asking us to come unto Him?
  • What are some of the things that Jesus gave up in order to display the Beatitudes upon this earth?
  • What did Jesus have to ‘put on’, in order to show to us that our God is the fullness of the Beatitudes?