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Outposts, Nets, & Mountaintops (Matthew 4:12-5:2)

Sermon Guide for Matthew 4:12-5:2

Last week we finished with comparing Jesus and Moses, yet what two similarities are found in todays text?

Why was John the Baptist arrested at the start of our text?

What’s another reason (beyond John being arrested) that has Jesus leave Nazareth? (Found in Luke’s gospel)

What did the term gentile mean during the time of Jesus?

In moving to Capernaum, Zebulun, & Naphtali, a place linked to the gentiles, was Jesus giving up on the Jews?

What American region does Pastor compare this area to? What are both places considered (starts with a g)?

What else does Pastor point out this area was sort of like? (Something a cheerleader would use)

How did people fish at this time? And what similarities does it have with how the disciples will evangelize?

Does Matthew imply the response by the disciples was immediate or one made after some consideration?

What two significant things are the disciples shown leaving in the Matthew text?

In verses 24-26 what are some of the places that have now heard Jesus’ message?

What kind of people, along with the disciples, does Jesus also use in order to further expand His Kingdom?

What could the followers of Moses not do on that mountain, that the followers of Jesus could do on His?

What did Moses have to wait to receive on the mountain, that Jesus did not have to wait for?

Jesus’ growing following makes clear that this Kingdom of Heaven has different values than the Kingdom of?