Founded in 1730

Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling

Old Goshenhoppen offers both a marital prep course and a marital tune-up program for both members and those of the broader community. We understand that marriage is a covenant promise made between a man and a woman before God, and while there is great joy to be found in marriage, the fact that we are a fallen people also means there are seasons which every marriage will navigate through difficult roads. The aim in offering both a marriage prep course and a marriage tune-up program is to help better ground the marriage covenant upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. It is through a deeper understanding of God’s grace that marriages can best navigate the trials of matrimony.

The Old Goshenhoppen program begins with the couple taking an assessment through a program called Prepare & Enrich. This assessment has a one time fee of $35 per couple to cover expenses the Prepare & Enrich program charges the church, and it can be taken from the convenience of your own home. If that $35 charge is a stumbling block to doing the program, please still reach out to Old Goshenhoppen because we don’t want that fee to be a barrier for anyone desiring taking part in the program.

After the assessment, an in office visit will be scheduled with the couple in order to go over the results and begin to foster a dialogue on the potential strengths and weaknesses the report identifies. The program also includes a workbook that the couple can complete together. In addition, continued office visits can be scheduled in order to continue developing a healthy marital dialogue.

If you are interested in setting up a time to go through the Prepare & Enrich assessment, please reach out to our church office or Pastor Kevin Park.