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Food We Should Hunger For

Sermon Worksheet – Matthew 5:1-8
What’s a struggle we often fail to appreciate as modern American’s in the 4th beatitude?

When someone is truly hungry, what becomes their singular aim and desire?

Likewise what kind of hunger does Jesus want His blessed followers to be hungry for?

Pastor mentioned some bad hungers? According to scripture, who had some?

What are some of the things that we can gauge our hunger for righteousness upon in our day to day life?

Who in the Old Testament serves as a helpful reminder for why we should love mercy not just for ourselves?

What parable helps warn us, the danger of being religious but not merciful?

Does pastor believe to have mercy always means we can never divorce ourselves from others in this life?

The last beatitude for today (pure of heart) is it external or internally known?

As a naive youth Augustine used to pray what? Later on in greater maturity He changed His prayer how?