Founded in 1730

Events Past (Page 7)

Youth Group Mission Trip 2015 Fundraiser 2

This year, eleven people (eight youth and three adults) will be volunteering their services by attending a “Week of Hope” in Manassas Virginia from Sunday Jun 14 thru Friday June 19. Our first fundraiser is the Rita’s Water Ice Card.  The cost is $5 each and the card gets the recipient a 10% discount for all purchases thru December 31, 2015. We…

Holy Week Service

A special Holy Week service, an evening of reflection and worship around the themes of the Last Supper and the final words of our Lord.  It will be a meaningful way to learn about and participate in Holy Week.

Baby Shower

It’s a boy, it’s a girl… It’s a Baby Shower! The Sweet Sunday Women’s Fellowship is hosting baby shower to support the ministry efforts of Morning Star Ministries Maternity Home (Souderton). Morning Star Ambassador, Jill, will be present to share with us the current status of this work and to receive our gifts of love and support. ALL women are invited regardless…

Mission Trip 2014

On July 27, 2014, fifteen members of Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church set out on a journey to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in Vanderwagon, NM.  For decades, the ranch has been operating as a camp, focused on Native youth in the surrounding areas and reservations.  From mid-June to early August, kids arrive, along with church groups…