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The Family Tree, Matthew 1:1-17

A Sermon Outline And Room For Notes
Passage: Matthew 1:1-17 (Page 1335) –
Title: The Family Tree
1. What Christ’s Family Tree Means About God and Time
2. What Christ’s Family Tree Means About Distinctions and Categories
3. What Christ’s Family Tree Means About Kingship & Rest

Matthew 1:1-17 Sermon Worksheet [answers can be covered downstairs after worship].
Woodenly read in the Greek, what are the first four words of Matthew’s gospel?

When it came to what a Jew was worried about, which two people did a Messiah need to be related to?

Matthew’s job was a what? And that means he was good with (hint think about the 4th book of scripture)?

These 42 generations say what about how God works in time, and God’s answering of prayers?

All 4 of the women in the genealogy before it gets to Mary were all associated with what kind of sin?

It’s likely all four of the women who are listed, were also not what (ethnically)?

Were the men any less guilty of sin? Even the ‘best of men’ like Abraham and David?

Is everyone on the list a believer?

How about the writer of this text Matthew, is he without excuse?

Is Matthew’s genealogy one where he seems concerned with providing a full highly specific family tree?

The 3 divisions of 14 would be a helpful way to summarize the rise and fall of Jewish history but even more than that. When an ancient Jew, saw the number 14, who would they think of?

How many groups of 7, are found in this genealogy, and Jesus is the start of what group?

What two things would a Jew have linked that number to (one found in Genesis, the other in Leviticus)?

Each 7th year Jews had to forgive all what? And free all of whom?

Each 49th year (so 7 groups of 7 years), each Jew not only had to do the above, but also had to return what?

So Jesus is the fullness of what day?