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Psalm 16 The Hidden Root of Hope

Worksheet for Psalm 16

1. The Psalms while they tell of an author’s personal experience also connect to the human experience of ourselves and the human experience of?

2. When the book of Psalms written over the span of a 1000 years, was put into its final form, the last editors added what to some of the Psalms? And why?

3. What does the word miktam in Psalm 16 convey to us the reader? And why did they use miktam?

4. What is a major American pastime, that makes even more money than the traditional American pastime?

5. Psalm 16 appreciates the failure of our being able to do what, in the critical moments of our life?

6. What concept, makes verse 4 especially odd and cryptic when read on the lips of David?

7. When David reflected on his life, what was he able to say? Even though he had many sorrows and this looming danger.

8. Who is the only cryptic possibility David is referencing in the second half of verse 10?

9. What’s the only attribute of God repeated 3 times in a row in the bible in order to highlight it?

10. What stands out in Peter’s first sermon at Pentecost? And what apostle later will echo Peter?

11. When, in biblical history, was the mystery of Psalm 16 finally solved?