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Shinning Light On Being Salty!

Sermon Guide – Matthew 5:1-16 – Shining Light on Being Salty

If verses 5:1-12 list the ingredients of the Christian life, verses 13-16 show Jesus as what?

List some examples pastor uses throughout the sermon on how the ancients felt about salt.

What was different about the salt Israel would get from the dead sea, and the salt we have?

In how Jesus calls people salt, does he mean only true believers are salt? Or another group?

List some of the various medicinal qualities about salt, mentioned in the sermon.

When it comes to being salt in the world, what does Pastor encourage you to think of being salt as (handing out what, in order to create something)?

Who, though saved, was an example of not properly being salt within a home and community?

When Jesus says a town on a hill cannot be hidden, what did he have in mind?

While the darkness of atheism, is the fastest growing ‘religion’ why is there still great reason to hope when sharing the gospel in such a setting (using the sermons symbolism)?