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Two Kings Of A Flock – Matthew 2:13-25

Sermon Guide Matthew 2:13-25
What did the ancient historians (the non biblical ones) call Herod in their histories?

What did the Rome empire officially title him a few years into his reign?

Only the Christian histories talk about Herod’s infant Bethlehem slaughter,but did the Jewish and Roman histories of him imply he was a peaceful king?

The first point of the sermon is that Jesus’ coming creates what? Is this idea found only in the new testament? What instrument of man does Jesus liken himself to in Matthew chapter 10 in verse 34?
Outside of Jesus’ family, who likely knew the most about who Jesus was, until he began His ministry at 30?Herod had become like a new what (think the book of Exodus), in his refusal to give the Messiah glory?

When we try and compartmentalize our lives and refuse to surrender certain things to Jesus, we fail to what? What are the three postures we can have at any moment towards Jesus?
What verse of scripture can we find the apostle Paul talking about the internal conflict Jesus creates in us? The painting at the front of the bulletin helps display how those faithful to Jesus will be what in this life?

How many times does an angelic messenger appear to Joseph in the first 2 chapters of his gospel?
In Joseph and Mary’s being faithful to the messengers will it make life easy for them?
Is it reasonable for us as Christians to try and expect to always fit in, in this world?
But as illustrated by the doctor, our message must always have two ingredients within it. What are they?

After Herod who was the next person we know Roman officials called King of the Jews? And a centurion who had been apart of giving the title, later would call this man what?