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The Unwanted Husband, Hosea 2:5-20;3:1-5

A Sermon Outline For Notes
Passage: Hosea (pg. 1237) 2:5-20;3:1-5
Title: The Unwanted Husband

1. Unfaithful Pursuits. [2:5-13]

2. What Famine Can Bring [2:14-20]

3. Buying Back What Had Been Lost [3:1-5]

Sermon Worksheet for those who would like one:
1. Of the three children, how many are actually fathered by Hosea?

2. Hosea symbolically represents or Illustrates who?

3. Gomer symbolically represents or Illustrates who (two answers work)?

4. Verses such as Hosea 2:6 explains that God will cause what to happen in order to draw Gomer to Him?

5. Pastor’s illustration of Ashlyn Blocker was about a girl who can feel no what?

6. Where will Gomer/Israel find themselves before they’ll begin listening to their Husband/God again [Hosea 2:14]?

7. What changes are promised for Gomer/Israel after they experience the place of Hosea 2:14?

8. Why did the Southern Pastor believe Pastor Kevin’s preaching in Las Vegas was easier?

9. How do we fall into the trap the Southern Pastor was talking about (a trap which lacks passion)?

10. Pastor Kevin gave an example of how we can gauge what we are passionate about, what was it?

11. What do we know Gomer had become from Hosea Chapter 3 verse 2?

12. Gomer would have been wearing what before, as she was sold at auction?

13. While Hosea/God had a right to seek vengeance, what instead did they/will they do?

14. We know Jesus on the cross was buying His people because He said “tetelestai” [Τετέλεσται],
which can mean?