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The Exodus of Jesus (Matthew 3:16-4:11)

Sermon Guide to Matthew 3:16-4:11

What event does Pastor mention is found in every Gospel?

In Matthew’s gospel, what does Jesus begin His public ministry with in and end it with?

Who are the two competing voices found in the presence of Jesus in this text?

After Jesus has already fasted for over 40 days Satan is unleashed on Him and Pastor links this first temptation to what previous biblical figure?

Does this text seem to suggest that baptism makes it more or less likely that trails will find you in this life?

What does Christian mean? And was it originally a name of honor or an insult?

Is the first temptation an obvious sin? It was crafted in order to try and get Jesus to doubt what?

Why would the second temptation of jumping off the temple have been tempting to Jesus?

God’s word had promised the Messiah would never break a bone, while God’s grace promises us the saved that grace can forgive all sin, what temptation can this lead to at times according to Paul in Romans 6:1?

The final temptation the Devil tries to offer Jesus a shortcut to Lordship that wouldn’t include a what?

What are two kinds of ways we can tempted to try and live in this world without the cross?

When we look at Matthew’s gospel thus far, it seems to have followed the plotline of what other book?

While the text at first seemed fairly straight forward, when we begin to notice the stories depth, it helps display what about scripture?