Pastor’s Page

There are probably few moments in a pastor’s day filled with more joy than the opportunity to welcome guests to the community of faith. For centuries that welcome would take place on site before or after the worship service, or at the home of a guest. Today, however, the first contact many have with a congregation (and its pastor) is on the web. And while it may not be quite as personal as a visit, I am happy you are allowing me a moment to welcome you to Old Goshenhoppen Reformed!

I do not need to repeat on this page the wealth of information you can find about Old Goshenhoppen on this site, and we fervently hope we will have an opportunity to meet. We believe that faith is best lived in community, and our desire is to see this community growing both in faith and in size. Be assured that wherever you have been and however fragile your faith, you will find a home here. For we all are just folks who have been given bread freely and who find joy in sharing with others where this bread is found. We invite you to join us for worship soon, and to call me or contact me if I can be of help in any way or answer any questions. God bless you!

Pastor John Fanella