Announcements (Page 2)

Learning Hour

Beginning Sunday October 5, we will be expanding our Sunday School program.  We will have classes for young children, youth, and adults.  All classes will be using the Answers Bible Curriculum which goes through the whole Bible in order.  Our “Learning Hour” will be held each Sunday from 9:30 to 10:15 am during the months of September through May.  

Paper Recycling

We have a Paper Retriever recycling bin in our parking lot for paper recycling. What can be put in the bin? – Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Fax Paper, Shredded Paper Notebooks, Folders. Please NO phonebooks; NO CARDBOARD; NO cereal boxes, chipboard, milk cartons, soda cartons, or food cartons of any kind – We cannot recycle those items to make…